Some Lessons are placed in other locations due to the nature of the subject




Sunday Adult Class


Sunday Sermons




A Study of the Ephesian Church DStoops 1-6


Shine as Lights of the World  KFerguson 1-6

A Study of the Ephesian Church DStoops 1-13


Demons TMorris 1-13

A Study of the Epheasian Church DStoops 1-20


What Kind of Christian Are You BMorris 1-20







Ten Commandments BCooper 3-3


Let Christ Mind be in You DStoops 3-3

Ten Commandments BCooper 3-10


Exhortation MRogers 3-10

Ten Commandments BCooper 3-17


Intergity  BCooper 3-17

Ten Commandments BCooper 3-24


Shining as Lights  KFerguson 3-24

Ten Commandments BCooper 3-31


Faith That Can Remove Mountains BMorris 3-31









Fear but Not Be Afraid DTwaddell 4-6



What do these Stories have in Common DTwaddell 4-6

Ten Commandments BCooper 4-14


Motivation to do God’s Will  CCooper 4-14

Ten Commandments BCooper 4-21


Revelation 20:1-4 TMorris 4-21

Ten Commandments BCooper 4-28


Give Account Bill Cooper 4-28









Blue Print  DStoops 5-5

Ten Commandments BCooper  5-12


Do you believe in Jesus MRogers 5-12

Ten Commandments BCooper  5-19


Diversity KFerguson 5-19

The Way that Leads to God  MRogers  5-26


Play Life Backwards   BCooper  5-26







The Way that Leads to God  MRogers  6-2


Investment in Your Faith  TMorris 6-2

The Way that Leads to God MRogers 6-9


Maintain, Obtain Like Precious Faith BMorris 6-9

The Way that Leads to God MRogers 6-16


Law of the Harvest CCooper 6-16

The Way that Leads to God MRogers 6-23


Separation Anxiety  DStoops  6-23

The Way That Leads to God MRogers 6-30


Marriage ERogers 6-30







The Way That Leads to God MRogers 7-7


Judas “The Traitor”  BCooper 7-7



Frame Work    KFerguson 7-14



1st 10 Chapter of Lev. KOwens 7-21



Nazirites KOwens 7-21

Genealogy of Jesus  BMorris 7-28


Impact of Your Actions BMorris 7-28







Genealogy of Jesus BMorris 8-4


Value-Investment-Potential ERogers 8-4

Understanding Other Religions TMorris 8-11


Lessons Learned form the Old Testament MRogers 8-11

World Religions BMorris 8-13


The Work of the Ministry DStoops 8-13

Understanding Other Religions TMorris 8-25


Nehemiah CCooper 8-25







Understanding Other Religions  TMorris 9-1


To Be Led By the Sprit of God KFerguson 9-1

Understanding Other Religions  TMorris 9-8


Don’t Lie   TMorris 9-8

Understanding Other Religions TMorris 9-15


What Must I Do to Be Saved? BMorris 9-15

Understanding Other Religions TMorris 9-29


Deceit    MRogers







Understanding Other Religions   TMorris 10-6


Bringing in the Sheaves   DStoops 10-6

Understanding Other Religions   MRogers 10-27


Peace Maker BCooper 10-20



Almost Just Wasn’t Good Enough BMorris 10-27







Understanding Other Religions TMorris 11-3


Worship ERogers 11-3

Understanding Other Religions  TMorris 11-10


Relationships DHuff 11-10

Book of John KFerguson 11-17


God in Creation DHuff 11-10

Book of John KFerguson 11-24


Prayer & Repentance  CCooper 10-11



Righteous-Courage-Leadership Rogers 11-24







Books of John KFerguson 12-1


Salvation Issues TMorris 12-1

Books of John KFerguson


If God is Sovereign-What is the point of Praying BCooper 12-8

Book of John KFerguson 12-22


John 11  KFerguson

Book of John KFerguson  12-29


Loving Our Children DStoops 12-29