Teaching of Jesus-Repentance MRogers 1-4


The Trinity  ERogers  1-4

Teaching of Jesus - Obedience MRogers 1-11


Matt Ch 2   DStoops 1-11

Teaching of Jesus-Humility MRogers 1-18


Prison What We Can Learn KFerguson 1-18

Teaching of Jesus-Self Denial MRogers 1-25


Understanding the Fathers’ Heart  CCooper 1-25




Teaching of Jesus Judgement/Discernment MRogers 2-1


Hope  BCooper 2-1

Teaching of Jesus-Love MRogers  2-8


Trust  BMorris  2-8

Teaching of Jesus-Forgivness                MRogers  2-15


Facts of the Bible TMorris 2-15

Teaching of Jesus-Faith MRogers  2-22


Gods Holy Years BMorris 2-22




Teaching of Jesus-Baptism MRogers 3-18


Trials of Jesus  JPryde 3-18

Teaching of Jesus-Condemnation MRogers 3-22


New Beginnings ERogers 3-22

Teaching of Jesus-Faithful MRogers 3-29


A Light to the World TMorris       3-29




Attributes of God BCooper 4-5


Ah  DStoops  4-5

Attributes of God  BCooper 4-19


Forgiveness DTwaddell 4-19



Being A Servant DTwaddell 4-19

Attributes of God BCooper 4-26


The Fear of the Load  KFerguson 4-26




Attributes of God BCooper 5-3


Urgency of Obedience BCooper 5-3

Attributes of God BCooper 5-11


What are We doing on Earth NRoss 5-11

Attributes of God BCooper 5-17


Jesus   TMorris 5-17

Attributes of God BCooper 5-31


Offense BMorris 5-31




Attributes of God BCooper 6-14


Prayer DHuff 6-14

Attributes of God BCooper 6-21


Seed Still in the Barn BMorris   6-21

Attributes of God BCooper 6-28


God’s View of Homosexuality ERogers 6-28




Gods Holy Priesthood  KFerguson 7-5


About the Heart  CCooper 7-5

Gods Holy Priesthood KFerguson 7-12


Saved by Faith in Gods Grace BCooper 7-12



Camping in the World JLee 7-19



The Tongue  JLee 7-19

Gods Holy Priesthood KFerguson 7-26


Forgiveness of Sin by God  MRogers  7-26




Secret of the Supper BCooper 8-2


Correlation between the Sabbath and the Lords Day BCooper 8-2

Gods Holy Priesthood KFerguson 8-9


Our Perspective Visitor 8-9

Gods Holy Priesthood KFerguson 8-16


Helping Us to Understand What We Believe TMorris  8-16



Christian Hope JMorris 8-23



Parenting JMorris 8-23

Gods Holy Priesthood KFerguson 8-30


Worker Approved of God  DStoops 8-30




Gods Holy Priesthood KFerguson 9-6


What is Truth of Lie    MRogers 9-6

Gods Holy Priesthood KFerguson 9-13


Love the Brethren          TMorris 9-13

Gods Holy Priesthood KFerguson 9-20


Live For the Future        BMorris  9-20

Gods Holly Priesthood  KFerguson 9-27


Hope and Comfort from Psalms DStoops  9-27




Church Government TMorris 10-4


Justice  KFerguson  10-4

Church Government BMorris 10-11


The Heart of Jonah       ERogers 10-11

Church Government TMorris 10-18


Peters Trial and Denial CCooper 10-18

Church Government TMorris 10-25


Prayer  TMorris  10-25




Church Government BCooper 11-1


A Good Reputation BMorris   11-1

Church Government TMorris 11-8


How to Treat the Lost BCooper 11-8

Church Government TMorris 11-22


Sanctity Your Heart KFerguson  11-22

Church Government TMorris 11-29


Everything Happens for a Reason TMorris 11-29




Church Government BMorris 12-6


Teach and Preach the Bible     MRogers 12-6

Church Government TMorris 12-13


Transfiguration or Jesus            BMorris 12-13

Church Government TMorris 12-20


Law Verses Gospel DStoops 12-20

Church Government TMorris 12-27


Understanding the Old Testament ERogers 12-27