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The Twelve Apostles BMorris 1-7


Where God Put Water BCooper 1-7

Apostles BMorris 1-14


In the Image of God  ERogers  1-14

Apostles BMorris 1-21


First Born Over All Creation  John Morris       1-21



John Morris 1-21




Apostiles BMorris 2-4


Conversion of Cornelius MRogers 2-4

Judas MRogers  2-18


Self  JWelke 2-18




Apostles BMorris 2-25


Gossip BCooper 2-25




Apostles BMorris 3-4


Interest of Others Before Yourself  BMorris   3-4

A Study About the Bible MRogers 3-11


The Joy of Children ERogers 3-11

A Study About the Bible MRogers 3-18


Acting Like Our Heavenly Father CCooper     3-18

A Study About the Bible MRogers 3-25


Christian Compassion DStoops 3-25




A Study About the Bible MRogers 4-1


After Death What Then BCooper 4-1

A Study About the Bible MRogers 4-8


Wheres Your Treasure ERogers 4-8

A Study About the Bible MRogers 4-15


Worship with Emotion BMorris  4-15

A Study About the Bible MRogers 4-22


Good Works in the Church TMorris 4-22

A Study About the Bible MRogers 4-29


What Are My Priorities DHuff 4-29




Death BCooper 5-6


Conviction Commitment Courage DStoops     5-6

Death BCooper 5-13


Equality MRogers  5-13

Death BCooper 5-20


Love for Jesus CCooper 5-20

Death BCooper 5-27


Working for thr Lord SWoody  5-27




Resurrection BCooper 6-3


Jonah ERogers 6-3

Resurrection BCooper 6-10


Zeal BCooper 6-10

Resurrection BCooper 6-17


Honor the Heavenly Father KFerguson 6-17

Resurrection BCooper 6-24


Family Responsibility  TMorris 6-24




First Peter ERogers 7-1


Work MRogers 7-1

First Peter ERogers 7-8


What are You Doing with Jesus DStoops 7-8

First Peter ERogers 7-15


Are You a Good Honker CCooper7-15

First Peter ERogers 7-22


Salvation-Sinners Prayer BMorris 7-22

First Peter ERogers 7-29


Story of Ruth BCooper7-29




First Peter ERogers 8-5


Romans 6 JWelte 8-5

First Peter ERogers 8-12


Deceit of Satan MRogers 8-12

First Peter ERogers 8-19


Land Flowing with Milk-Honey  jMorris  8-19

First Peter ERogers 8-26


Way of Salvation DStoops 8-26




Phillipians CCooper 9-2


Humiility BMorris  9-2

Phillipians CCooper 9-9


Marriage-Submission ERogers  9-9

Phillipians CCooper 9-16


Overview of Col JWelte 9-16

Phillipians CCooper 9-23


Failure TMorris  9-23

Phillipians CCooper 9-30


Your Value to God  Mav Welte 9-30




Philippians Chpt2 CCooper 10-7


Give of Your Best to the  Master BCooper 10-7

Philippians Chpt2 CCooper 10-14


What is God MRogers 10-14

Philippians Chpt2 CCooper 10-28


Goals JWelte 10-29

October Meeting



God's Purpose for Families KMorton 10-20

Parenting for the Glory of God JFord 10-21

Husbands and Wives TMorris 10-20

Serving Together DTwaddell 10-21




Study of John DStoops 11-4


Peace TMorris 11-4

Study of John DStoops 11-11


The Barren Fig Tree CCooper 11-11

Study of John DStoops 11-16


Run the Race  ERogers 11-18







Study of John DStoops 12-9


KFergursen 12-2

Study of John DStoops 12-16


Children of God Obey BCooper 12-9

Study of John DStoops 12-23


Prayer MRogers 12-16



Age of Accountability  BMorris 12-23