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The Study of the Old Testament






GEN There is a God BMorris 1-5


Changing World Never Changing God MRogers 1-5

GEN There is a God BMorris 1-12


Knowledge is Power TMorris 1-12



Reap What You Sow BCooper 1-19

Gen Promises of God BMorris 1-26


Being Prepared CCooper 1-26




Gen Promise of God BMorris 2-2


Ordinary People JWelte 2-2

Gen Promise of God BMorris 2-9


The Purpose of the Church  BMorris 2-9

Gen Promise of God MRogers 2-16



Gen Promise of God BMorris 2-23


Debra the Courageous ERogers 2-23




Exodus ERogers 3-1



Exodus ERogers 3-8


Take Heed Least You Fall BCooper 3-8

Leviticus ERogers 3-15


Jesus Sacrifice Blood Resurrection DTwaddell 3-15




Help Somebody Today BCooper 5-24


Tater People BCooper 5-24

Life Lessons (Hanna) B. Cooper 5-31


Fear B. Morris 5-31




Starting Godly and Staying Godly            B. Cooper 6-7


Solving Problems M.Rogers 6-7

How we Finish B. Cooper 6-14


Out Environment T. Morris  6-14

2nd Kings Chpt 5 & 6 BCooper 6-21


Fathers Day CCooper  6-21

Highlights of the Pass Qtr BCooper 6-28


Jude ERogers 6-28




Job MRogers 7-5


The Extra Mile Bob 7-5

Job MRogers 7-12


Sin of Independence from God DStoops   7-12

Psalm MRogers 716


What Do You Expect From the Bible BMorris 7-16

Psalm MRogers 7-26


Why are You Here Romans 14 TMorris     7-26




The Real Big Bang DTwaddell 8-2 Part 1


The Kingdom is Coming DTwaddell 8-2

The Real Big Bang DTwaddell 8-2 Part 2



Proverbs MRogers 8-9


Assurance of Holiness DStoops 8-9

Proverbs MRogers 8-16


James Chapt 1 JWelte 8-16

Ecclesiastes MRogers 8-23


Power In the Blood BCooper 8-23

Song of Solomon MRogers 8-30


Trust BMorris 8-30




Isaiah CCooper 9-6


CCooper 9-6

Isaiah CCooper 9-13


The Conscience TMorris 9-13

Jeremiah CCooper 9-20


Pride MRogers 9-20

Jeremiah CCooper 9-27


Expectations BBrownsburger 9-27




My Shepherd is Preternatural            JMorris 10-4

Psalm 23

Provisions of the Good Shepherd BBrownsBerger 10-4

Protection By the Good Shepherd     EOwens 10-11


Preparations of the Good Shepherd JRange 10-11

Daniel  DStoops 10-18


The Good Shepherd is Full of Goodness Mercy   JLee 10-18






Search of Fountain of Youth DStoops   12-13